The Company

Tessilmoda was founded in 1991 as a weaving company with in-house programming, behind it a long family experience, which in 2008/2009 increased and enhanced the quality control and logistics staff. The organizational structure is currently composed of 3 people that you can contact through our contacts, each employee is highly qualified and will be able to meet any kind of need. The laboratory is spread over an area of 950sq.m. with a fleet of machines that currently includes about thirty machines in the finenesses 3, 5, 7, 14 between lowered and cut.

In the years between 2013/2014, we developed innovative samples for the knitted curtain and furniture industry, thanks to a fruitful collaboration with one of our major customers. The latter came second at the 2015 Awards in the industry, and won further awards in the field of innovation in the following years until 2017, a collaboration that gave new insights and stimulus to both of us in an industry that is always in crisis. In 2016, again thanks to this collaboration, we came first as an innovative product in two categories, demonstrating a constant willingness to improve and upgrade.

"We believe in the added value of people, when in our experience the idea is good we often give even more than we have to in order to be able to make something unique," basically "We create quality stories, one thread at a time, weaving tradition and innovation together to come up with art objects," we are not all the same if what we do is done with passion.

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The team

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The decision to open an online store

In the aftermath of the Corona Virus, and the related lockdown, we were able to confront and think about our future. We realized, as we matured, that our business could not be only and exclusively contract weaving of outer knitwear, it was necessary to diversify.

Ours is a small family business and we decided to market ourselves using the web, to create a new business network.

A new challenge for our future, a new way of thinking about knitwear at 360°.

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