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infoprodotti.tessilmoda is a project born between March and May 2020, the company founded in 1991, mainly deals with third party weaving of external knitwear and curtain fabrics, during that period, we tested new raw materials that gave us ideas , from which this eCommerce of products not related to worn knitwear was born, but all that our technical knowledge acquired in more than 30 years of activity, the various collaborations and external synergies, the innovative and tecnologich raw materials, and much more, we they revolutionized the website. It is our future vision of all that knitwear can give, with a 360-degree vision, to resume our old slogan ... We are not all the same ... in fact, thanks to these new stimuli we have been testing and developing new ones ever since. products, making them available at the end of that cycle. The tests according to the type are carried out through specialized laboratories or directly in the field, in some cases both, to guarantee the end customer.

The results of all this work are then shared through social media or through our telegram channel, to be then put on sale on this shop. Some of the products on sale are customizable, for VAT holders, with minimum quantities.

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