Line of products for beauty centers and personal well-being

This line of products has been specially designed thanks to the collaborations born over the last two years with beauty centers and operators in the sector; these collaborations have resulted in various articles, some of which are also available for the end customer.

Dedicating time to yourself to take care of your body also means loving yourself.

The main properties are as follows:


  • In contact with the skin there is a pleasant sensation, despite having created special designs to have scrub effects;


  • n the polymer matrix of the yarn, Silver Ions have been inserted, which create a barrier against bacteria;

     bullet_verdeODOR CONTROL

  • Thanks to the polymeric composition, there is an ingredient that reduces the formation of bad odors;


  • The interweaving of the fibers allows for high breathability, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness;


  • The products of this series will keep their characteristics intact over time, even after numerous washes, they are easy to manage, as they can be washed and bleached, up to 60 ° C. for those items that have the addition of an elastic (such as : shoes, mittens, gloves) and, up to 95 ° C. for those without elastic (such as: face cloth, body cloth, make-up remover wipes);


  • Tests performed on the yarn:
    • Bacteriostic efficacy tested by the MIS PLUS institute in Zurich according to the DIN ISO 20743 standard: 10-2007
    • Washing resistance tested by the MIS PLUS institute in Zurich according to the JIS L 1902/02 standard
    • Effectiveness on breathability according to UNI EN ISO 62 standard
    • Yarn with OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I standard, which certifies the harmlessness of the fiber
  • Further tests performed by us in a specialized laboratory:
    • ISO 10993-1 cytotoxicity test of the yarn in contact with the skin           negative
    • In vitro test for evaluation of toxicity by evaluation of the inflammatory response, which was    negative


Questions and answers 

Is it possible to buy the products of this line ?

Yes, it is possible,

  • for VAT holders, just send a request via e-mail to you will then be contacted;
  • for the end customer, if the articles you are interested in are not available, you can order them with a minimum technical time of 3 weeks, just send an e-mail to with the request for the article / s the interested parties will then be contacted for details on the timing.

Is it possible to customize this product line ?

Yes, it is only possible for holders of a VAT number,

  • just send a request via e-mail to you will then be contacted;

What tests were performed ?

The tests performed were done in various stages:

  • the yarn used is multi-certified and produced in Italy;
  • iin the design phase we made use of the professionalism in this sector with collaborations of beauty centers and operators in the sector.
  • finally, laboratory tests were carried out to further guarantee the final customer.

Why is the tax code necessary to make purchases through your website ?

It is necessary for the final customer the tax code and for the economic activities the VAT number, because we are a small artisan company, we do not have a tax receipt and in the case of sale to private individuals an electronic invoice is made where it is necessary to indicate the tax code

Is it possible to buy cash on delivery ?

No, we only sell by advance bank transfer or with the use of the PayPal payment system that guarantees the end customer, we do not have your payment details, and in any case in case of reconsideration within 15 days of receipt of the goods it is possible to request a refund. , if not compliant, see also the Returns and Withdrawal link

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